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Paper Inserter

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Aid For Inserting Paper Into Typewriter.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Aid to insert paper into typewriter for those with minimal hand function. Paper insert attachment is for the end of a mouthstick or for use with a quad cuff typing stick. A piece of low temperature thermal plastic 3 inches by 1 inch is beveled on one of the short ends. Two holes are punched just off center in the middle and the plastic is heated and folded in half lengthwise. A dowel is inserted through the holes and the plastic forms a clip like devic

Vertical Pincher Mouth Stick

The Vertical Pincher Mouth Stick is a tongue-controlled pincher used to insert paper into a typewriter or printer, designed specifically for individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This device can also be used to lift heavier objects using a replaceable rubber band. The Vertical Pincher Mouth Stick contains latex.

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