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Morse Code Interface for Computer

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Darci Too

DARCI TOO is a keyboard emulator designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or severe physical disabilities. This device can be controlled by joysticks, switches, matrix keyboards, or communication aids and supplies Morse Code, scanning, matrix keyboard, Darci Code, and communication aid access to all computer functions.The input device is selected by a setup menu which is displayed on DARCI TOO's display panel. Input devices are connected to one of the three input connectors. Setup ro

Darci Usb

The Darci USB is a Morse-code interface for a computer designed to provide mouthstick access for individuals with upper extremity disabilities. The Darci USB also has audio feedback through a built-in speaker, making it usable by persons who are blind or have low vision. The lightweight Darci USB uses Windows keyboard drivers, and when it is plugged into a computer's USB port, the computer recognizes the device as if it were the keyboard. The Darci USB can be customized to match the user's capab

Tandem Master

The Tandem Master is a Morse code computer interface and mouse emulator designed for use by individuals with neurological, upper extremity, or severe physical disabilities or cerebral palsy. The unit has switch input jacks for Morse code input (switches not included), plus a USB connector jack and an external speaker jack for Morse code beeps feedback. Features include Morse code mouse functionality, Morse code initiated volume control and speed control, support for multiple menus (up to four) f

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