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Audible Battery Tester

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Audible Battery Tester

The Audible Battery Tester is designed for persons who are blind or have low vision. The device tests 9-volt, AA, AAA, C, D, and N size batteries. The user places the battery in the tester, then presses a button. As the button is pressed, a continuous beep is heard if the battery has power. The louder the beep, the more power remains in the battery. The Audible Battery Tester also has a light indicator for those who can see.

Audible Battery Tester (Model Abt2)

The Audible Battery Tester (Model ABT2) is a hand-held button battery tester that will test AAA, AA, C, D, N, 9 volt and button cell batteries by emitting a strong buzz when the battery is good, a weaker buzz when marginal and should not be used for recording, and no sound when discharged. The unit also has a visual meter display with a green, red, and yellow zone.

Ez Test Battery Tester (Models 1-03968-00 & 1-03969-00)

The EZ Test Battery Testeris an audible or audible and vibrating battery tester designed for use by individuals who are blind or deaf blind or who have low vision. The tester is available in an audible version (model 1-03968-00) that reports battery status by beeps, and an audible/tactile version (model 1-03969-00) that reports battery status by vibrations and beeps. A flexible testing wire allows for testing of 1.5-volt batteries, including AAA, AA, C, and D batteries. Also included are two con

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