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Clavicle Strap

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Pediatric Clavicular Strap

The Pediatric Clavicular Strap is a clavicle strap designed for use with children with back and postural disabilities. Constructed of breathable open-cell foam, this strap crosses in the back and passes over the shoulders and under the arms. Slide buckles allow for maximum adjustment. SIZES: Infant, toddler, juvenile, child, and adolescent.

Unisex Back Support Posture Brace (Model 409)

The Unisex Back Support Posture Brace, model 409, is a spinal orthosis and clavicle strap designed for wear by people with back and posture disabilities. Made from polyester and spandex, the orthosis is designed to aid in proper posture and circulation as it pulls the shoulders back to prevent slouching. Features include a six-way hook and eye system that allows the user to adjust the size to a desired fit. The brace in washable and is undetectable under clothing. SIZE: One size. COLOR: White.

Parent Category: Torso

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