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Ironing Board

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Flap-Down Ironing Board.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Folding ironing board that can easily be used by people in a wheelchair; takes up little room when folded away; can easily be set up with one hand; wheelchair can be drawn in underneath the board. Made of blockboard or plywood with rounded ends and bevelled edges; asbestos mat, three hinges, 2 shelf brackets, foam padding for the board, and milium ironing board cover. COMMENTS: Height is not adjustable once the board is fitted. SKILLS REQUIRED: Assembl

Universal Designed Ironing Board (Model Al-42)

The Universal Designed Ironing Board, model AL-42, is designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs or wh iron while seated. The unit's features comfortably meet the needs of the person who prefers to stand while ironing yet they are installed to meet the accessible reach requirements for someone who is seated. This ironing center features a spring-activated, fold-down ironing board for ease in lowering the board. The 90-degree left/right swivel board has a 4-inch height adjustment along w

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