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Bowling Ball Pusher

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Adjustable Bowling Ball Pusher

The Adjustable Bowling Ball Pusher is a bowling ball pusher designed for use by individuals with mobility and upper extremity disabilities. The device may be used from a wheelchair or from a standing position and is used to push and guide the ball down the alley. This unit features a padded extension handle that lengthens for use and shortens for storage and transport. The inverted C-shaped pusher at the end has plastic caps on each arm to protect the floor surface. DIMENSIONS: 38 inches long an

An Adapted Bowling Device For Severely Disabled Individuals.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Adapted bowling device that permits severely involved cerebral palsied students to participate in the activity of bowling. A release aid is attached to a bowling ramp that is activated by slight pressure on a large switch. Aid is constructed of piece of plywood 7 inches by 4 1/2 inches with a rectangular hole cut into it. Permanent 12 volt DC motor is used to rotate a metal arm which holds and releases the bowling ball. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AU

Bowling Ball Pusher (Model H71205)

The Bowling Ball Pusher is designed to assist individuals with limited use of their arms or legs to bowl from either a standing or seated (wheelchair) position. There are two models of pushers: Model H71205-0000 is made of plated steel and aluminum with plastic ball caps to protect the floor surface. The handle lengthens for use and shortens for transport or storage. Model H71205-0001 has a triangular base, the bottom edge of which is sheathed in a plastic ribbed coil to protect the floor from s

Deluxe Bowling Ball Pusher

The Deluxe Bowling Ball Pusher is designed for use by individuals with limited strength or mobility. This steel and aluminum device may be used from a standing position or from a wheelchair and consists of a long padded handle attached to jaws that grip the ball; caps on the tips of the jaw protect the floor from scratches. The handle extends for use and can be shortened for storage and transport. DIMENSIONS: Adjusts from 38 to 54 inches long. WEIGHT: 4 pounds.

Economy Bowling Ball Pusher

The Economy Bowling Ball Pusher is designed for use by individuals with limited strength or mobility. The device consists of a coated steel triangular ball guide attached to a coated steel shaft with a soft sleeve that slides to the optimal position for the bowler; a gripping handle is attached to to the end of the shaft. The trianglular ball guide rests on the floor and centers the ball to be pushed. The coating protects the floor from scratches. DIMENSIONS: 38 inches long. WEIGHT: 3 pounds.

Poss-I-Bowl 2000

The Poss-I-Bowl 2000 is a bowling ball pusher that individuals who are able to operate a single switch to participate in bowling. The Poss-I-Bowl 2000 can be attached to any tubular bowling ramp and it enables the bowler to release the ball down the alley with the touch of a switch. The device is completely portable and can fit into a large purse. POWER: 9-volt battery. OPTIONS: Instructor override switch and carrying bag. WEIGHT: 1.5 pounds.

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