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Water Flotation Mattress

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Econo Float Ii Water Flotation Mattress

The Econo Float II Water Flotation Mattress is a water filled mattress surface designed to be installed on top of a regular hospital bed mattress. The filling valve is wide mouthed and has a no-leak screw-on cap. A repair kit is included for small punctures. WARRANTY: 12 month warranty.

Premium Guard Water Mattress (Model 14400)

The Premium Guard Water Mattress, model 14400, is a water flotation mattress designed for use by individuals at risk for pressure sores/decubitis ulcers. Three water baffles enhance movement and support to reduce pressure and conform to varying body weights. OPTIONS: Fill hose (model 14401). DIMENSIONS: 3 x 72 x 34 inches. WEIGHT: 45 pounds.

Single Musical Waterbed

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