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Finger Cuff

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Finger Sling And Finger Loop (Models 7791 & 7793)

The Finger Sling and Finger Loop, models 7791 & 7793, are finger orthoses designed for use by individuals with disabilities of the hand or fingers. This finger sling and loop are lightweight and plastic with cloth interface. Features include reinforced pre-punched eyelets. Model 7791 is the finger sling, and model 7793 is the finger loop. DIMENSIONS: The sling and loop are .75 inches wide.

Rolyan Tension-Adjustable Finger Loops / Slings

The Rolyan Tension-Adjustable Finger Loops/Slings are finger cuffs designed for use with splints. These Ultrasuede Slings and Loops come with pre-attatched 40-pound test nylon monofilaments and precise traction force can be quickly achieved by sliding the monofilament through the aluminum connecting pieces. The saddle-style Loops and Slings accommodate swollen fingers. DIMENSIONS: The Loops are available in 3 or 4 inches and the Slings are available in 2.5 or 3 inches.

Rolyan Wrap-On Finger Hooks (Model A4283)

The Rolyan Wrap-On Finger Hooks, model A4283, are finger cuffs designed to hold fingernail hooks in place for individuals needing finger traction with a splint. Made with ultra-thin strapping material and lined with non-slip material to prevent movement, these removable cuffs are secured to the fingertips with a hook strap. They are designed for large fingers but can be trimmed to fit any fingertip size.

Syndactyly Orthosis

The Syndactyly orthosis is a do it yourself orthosis used to keep fingers in the right position, for individuals with malformation of the hand.

Torex Hot And Cold Sleeve (Model R4060, R5060, R6060, & R7080)

The Torex Hot and Cold Sleeve, model R4060, R5060, R6060, and R7080, is a hot and cold compression wrap designed to reduce upper or lower extremity muscle pain. The outer polyurethan sleeve contains a gel pack that can be heated in a microwave (using the defrost setting) or cooled in a refrigerator or freezer. The hot and cold sleeve comes with one stretchable non-latex ICS 35 insulating compression sleeve and application instructions. SIZES: Small (fits limbs 4 to 10 inches in circumference), m

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