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Bathtub Access Stairs

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Access Steps For Bathtub

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable a teenage girl with short stature to independently enter and exit a bathtub. A stainless steel rail was installed along the side of the tub that extended five millimeters out from it. A three-step ladder was made of stainless steel tubing that clips to the rail for stability. The ladder also slides along the rail if needed. A trough of plastic downspout pipe clips over the tub to protect the tub edge from the ladder. Stair treads for the ladder were made of

Bath Platform Step (Model 604)

The Bath Platform Step, model 604, is a bathtub access stair designed for use by individuals with arthritis or mobility or balance disabilities. The wooden step is made of birch with non-slip cork top and is designed to make getting in and out of the bath easier by reducing the distance from the floor to the top of the bathtub. DMENSIONS: The step is 6 inches high (152 millimeters). CAPACITY: 140 kilogram.

Prima Bath Step

The Prima Adjustable Height Bath Step is a bathtub access step designed for use by individuals with arthritis or other mobility or balance disabilities. This molded-plastic step with add-on risers reduces the distance from the floor to the top of the bathtub to aid individuals to step into the bathtub more easily. Jointing pieces can be attached at the side or front to make platforms. Moldings are slip-resistant. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): Step is 2 x 18 x 14 inches. Risers are 1 inch each, and the ste

Step Assist

Step Assist are bathtub access stairs designed for use by individuals with lower extremity disabilities or arthritis. These steps have a modular design that allows stacking a second step for an additional rise while a third unit provides a stair-step effect. The step has an extra-large platform with a textured finish top for added slip-resistance. Rubberized feet help prevent the unit from slipping. DIMENSIONS(WxLxH): 19.75 x 16 x 4 inches. One step adds 4 inches; a second one stacked adds an a

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