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Foam in Place Seating System

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Cpsc Foam In Place Seating Kit (Model Fp O1)

Casting frame and kit, model FP 01, allow custom molding of seat and/or back cushions on site. Foam is 2 part liquid Sunmate in soft, medium, or firm density. Casted cushions can be finished by trimming to fit and installing in modular plastic shells with lycra cover. Or cushions can be sent back to CPSC for vinyl covering and installation in shell. Shells available in 12, 14, 16, and 18 inch widths, any seat depth or back height. Full insert shell available with 90, 105, 120, 135 degree seat to

Invacare Infinity Uniback & Invacare Infinity Uniback Foam-In-Place

The Invacare Infinity UniBack and the Invacare Infinity Uniback Foam-In-Place are back support cushions designed for use in wheelchairs. These cushions are single-panel back supports that offer economical versatility. Pelvic stabilizers and thoracic laterals are independently angle- and width-adjustable to accommodate a range of body shapes, as well as growth or change. OPTIONS: A range of accessories is available.

Liquid Sunmate Foam-In-Place Seating (Fips)

Liquid SunMate is a 3-part seat mold system designed to assist persons specializing in custom seat building. The system contains pretested, premeasured ingredients sufficient to mold one chair seat bottom or one seat back. A total seat molding generally requires two units of Liquid SunMate. COMPONENTS: The introductory kit includes a FIPS instruction manual, one unit of Liquid SunMate, a quality test kit, and accessories. Components are also sold separately COLOR: SunMate may be ordered without

Signature-Fit Custom Cushion

The Signature-Fit Custom Cushion is a foam in place seating systems designed for use in wheelchairs by people with physical disabilities. The Signature-Fit system uses a portable simulator to capture the contours of the body, correcting anatomical deformities when possible and accommodating others. It measures the contours of the seat and back and transfers this information to a computer. The system enables multiple modifications to be made to the cushion measurements. Pressure relief can be pro

Support Chair Adaptation Of The Koala Corner Chair

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a customized, stable seating and positioning device for a child with cerebral palsy. This device was adapted from a previous adaptation “The Koala.” The Koala is a pedestal seat with a winged back, and is generally used with a seat cushion and pelvic belt. It comes with a large adjustable-height table, which has lipped edges to stop objects from falling off, and latches into position behind the back edges of the seat. The version used by the child with cere

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