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Easy Open Medicine Bottle

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1-Clic Vial System

The 1-Clic Vial System is an easy open medicine bottle for use by individuals with grasping or upper extremity disabilities or arthritis, or by upper extremity amputees. The system is made up of 1-Clic vials (bottles) and closures (lids), which are moisture and light resistant. The lid can be opened with minimal pressure on the tab at the top of vial and a slight turn of the lid. An audible “click” signals that a closure is properly secured. The closure can be used in a child-resistant or non-ch

Easy Open Vial

The Easy Open Vial is an easy open medicine bottle for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities, arthritis, or grasping disabilities and by upper extremity amputees. This plastic bottle and its cap are a single piece with the bottle and top portions connected by a durable and flexible plastic tab. The Easy Open Vial's 1-piece construction is intended to prevent lost caps. To open the bottle, a user squeeze the top sides where indicated by arrows on the cap and the lid pops open. Al

Kinsman Purrfect Medicine Opener With Magnet, Model 17125

Kinsman Purrfect Medicine Opener With Magnet is designed for use by individuals with limited upper extremity and grasping strength and dexterity.  It has a cat shaped form to assist with opening medicine packaging. Pierce foil with the ears or tail, push single-dose pills into the template on the back, open aspirin with the angled head, open prescription bottles with the gripping pad and pull cotton out with the tai

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