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Timing Switch

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James Remind-O-Timer With Braille (Model J143Web)

The James Remind-O-Timer with Braille, model J143WEB, is a tactile alarm clock and timer designed for use by individuals who are deaf blind. This twelve hour analog clock has a buzzer alarm, timers, and a built-in socket for use with a bed shaker (not included). The timer can be set to start and stop electrical equipment and appliances. The buzzer is set by moving a series of small pins around the face. Any combination of quarter hour periods may be set. There are 48 set pins with a 16 minute "o

Timing Switch

The Timing Switch is designed for automatically turning electric appliances or lights on and off.

X10 Minitimer (Model Mt10A)

The X10 Minitimer, model MT10A, is an automatic timer for lights and appliances, designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities, severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This timer allows the user to program timed events for lights and appliances, such as making lights and appliances turn on and off at given times during the day. It can also be used as a remote to manually turn one or all light on or off with a single button. A schedule can be set for up to four lights and

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