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Commode Chair Stabilizer

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Chailey Toilet & Toilet Shower Seat

The Chailey Toilet and Shower Seat is a collaborative design born from a special partnership with Chailey Heritage Clinical Services. Originally designed at Chailey and through close consultation with Chailey clinical specialists, this seat has been developed to provide an improved and functionally correct posture. The seat’s contoured design gives a child greater postural support and comfort. Its shape ensures the pelvis is held securely in a position that facilitates bowel movement so that e

Go-Anywhere Commode, Shower N Tub Chair

The Go-Anywhere Commode, Shower N Tub Chair is a commode, shower chair and bath seat designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities. This commode chair is designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities during travel or in the home. It consists of two sections, one used for transporting from bed to toilet and into a roll-in shower. The rolling section may be connected to the fixed section of the chair which may be set up in most right- or left-hand bathtubs,

Shower Commode Chair Stabilizer

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with multiple sclerosis to transfer safely to and from a shower commode chair. During transfers at the toilet, the chair tended to move sideways. The rear casters were replaced with braked casters and a mechanism was created to secure the chair to the wall when needed. A wooden plate was secured to the studs in the tiled wall and an L-shaped steel piece with semi-circular atachments was hinged to the plate. The steel piece locks over the lower

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