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Chair with Descending Seat

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Elevating Office Chair

The Elevating Office Chair is an adjustable height chair designed to enable a person with a disability to easily reach a standard kitchen countertop. The modified office chair is mounted on a two-ton car jack. The car jack is operated by extension handles that are easily reached by the user. The unit is mounted on castors from the original chair. PROTOTYPE DEVELOPMENT: Designed by Frank Heminsley for wheelchair users who have standard height kitchen countertops and cannot reach them from a wheel

Ergochair For Little People

The ErgoChair is a fully adjustable chair designed by and for individuals of short stature to reduce back ache and other discomforts associated with sitting in a larger chair. This desk chair feautres adjustable height, a back rest which adjusts for height and angle, a 10-degree seat tilt adjustment, and foot rest. The unit adjusts so that the back rest supports the back while allowing the knees to bend at the edge of the seat. The height of the chair can be adjusted to raise up to a regular-siz

The REVO 360 Daily Living Chair

The REVO 360 Daily Living Chair is designed for use by individuals with lower extremity disabilities for use in the office, at home, or while traveling. It is designed for ultimate comfort for users who spend all day in their wheelchairs. Features an adjustable recline angle, flip-up armrests, and self-propelling wheels. Locking casters keep the user safe and stable when not in motion.

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