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Orthosis Liner

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Elasto-Gel Cast & Splint Pads

The Elasto-Gel Cast & Splint Pads are orthoses liners designed to be used under casts, splints, pressure suits and garments, masks and dressings; to stabilize braces, orthotic and prosthetic devices; as padding for the prevention and treatment of decubitus ulcers; and to protect skin grafts. The pads are made from a formulated hydrogel which contains a natural skin moisturizer/conditioner. This hydrogel has properties which allow it to absorb excess perspiration from the skin and transmit it

Rolyan Polypropylene Stockinette (Models A4342, A4343, & A4344)

The Rolyan Polypropylene Stockinette is an orthosis liner designed for use under splints and casts to reduce the risk of skin maceration. The stockinette is made from polypropylene material. DIMENSIONS (WxL): Model A434-2 is 2 inches x 11 yards; model A434-3 is 3 inches x 11 yards; and model A434-4 is 4 inches x 11 yards.


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