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Puzzle Aid

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Adapting Puzzles

“DO IT YOURSELF” ENTRY ----- PURPOSE: To provide several do-it-yorself options for adapting puzzles for children with grasping and fine motor skill disabilities. First, cut notches into the side of the puzzles pieces to make them easier to grasp. A second method reqires adding handles of some kind to the puzzle pieces (i.e. a knob, empty thread spool, or section of dowel rod). If the puzzle came with knobs, but they are too small, replace them with larger knobs. Third, if the child cannot grasp

Puzzle Board

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRYPURPOSE: To create a do-it-yourself puzzle board for a child with severe disabilities. This puzzle board enables the child to complete puzzles with the board placed vertically in front of him. A foam board is covered with a piece of flannel using a hot glue gun or another strong adhesive. It is important that the flannel be pulled very tightly. Then the puzzle pieces are adapted using ultra-thin Velcro. A small piece of Velcro is attached to the back of each puzzle piece (jus

Puzzle Gripper

The Puzzle Gripper is a puzzle aid designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. Designed to aid in picking up and manipulating cardboard puzzle pieces, coated paper-stock cards, or the pages of board books, this devices consists of a foam-covered wooden handle with a suction cup at one end and a wrist loop at the other. The suction cup is released from the puzzle piece, card, or page by rocking the gripper. DIMENSIONS (LxD): 6.5 x 1.5 inches.

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