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Arm Pad

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Armazing Memory Foam Arm Rest Pads (Model Pad2)

ARMazing Memory Foam Arm Rest Pads (PAD2), are arm pads designed for use at computer work stations. These pads attach to the arm rests of a chair at a computer work station to protect the user's forearms and elbows from pressure points and improve user comfort by making the arm rests softer. This set of pads includes two memory foam pads with an elastic shroud that attaches snugly to any existing arm rest from 6 to 11 inches long.

Restman 2

RestMan 2 is a computer arm support designed to prevent repetitive strain injury of the wrist and arm as a result of mousing or typing on a keyboard. The unit evenly distributes the weight of the forearm and elbow to reduce localized pressure on the wrist and limit strain on muscles in the neck, arms, and shoulders. The unit has a pad with a soft surface to support the user's arm, and a beveled front that eases transition to the mouse pad. The unit can be rotated out of the way, with up to 180 d

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