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Multimode Scanner (Model 3370) & Scanner Display (Model 2995)

The Scanner, in conjunction with a single switch actuator, is used for mode selection and operation of a Multimode Interface. The Scanner converts single switch actuator commands into the four directional commands (forward/reverse/left/right) required for system operation.

Triswitch Input Controller (Model 3450) & Varibrite Triswitch Display (Model 3460)

The Triswitch, in conjunction with three single-switch actuators, is used for mode selection and oepration of a Multimode Interface. Two of the switch actuators provide left and right actuator commands, while the third switch provides both forward and reverse commands. The display incorporates forward and reverse directional lights with corresponding arrows to provide a visual indication of forward/reverse switch selection. Five additional mode display light are provided to indicate when the Mul

Varibrite Mode Display (Model 2775-4)

A remote display used in conjuction with a Multimode interface to indicate when the system is in standby, or in one of four oeprating modes. The display is mounted on a flexible gooseneck to position the display for optimum viewing, and to help protect the display from impact damage. The gooseneck is fitted to a mounting tube for attachment to an armrest using a standard hand-control clamp.

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