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Google Glass V3.0 Explorer Edition Cotton White Glasses

The Google Smart Glasses offers universal, wearable computing. It is essentially a hands-free phone that utilizes augmented reality. Its built-in accessibility features (i.e., voice activation and eye and head control) can assist users who have limited motor functions. Google Glass can also be controlled with an external switch, keyboard, or button if users are unable to use the touch screen that controls it by default, and it can be modified to operate a user's power wheelchair. It is recommend


The seeBoost is a wearable assistant aid designed for individuals with low vision or vision impairment. The device uses the latest digital technology and prescription glasses to improve central vision. It consists of a pair of prescription glasses and a small, lightweight device fitted onto the lens of the eye with better vision. This device utilizes scientifically proven techniques in video processing for improving functional vision of persons coping with AMD.

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