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Non Slip Floor Covering

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3M Safety Walk 710 Anti-Slip Tape

3M Safety Walk 710 Anti-Slip Tape is anti-skid floor covering for indoor or outdoor use. Designed for the decks of U.S. Coast Guard cutters, it is available for commercial or residential use. The tape has a larger grit surface to provide friction in the wettest conditions. The tape is pressure-sensitive. It is available in tape or custom, die-cut form. Replacement sets are available to allow installation if a section is damaged. DIMENSIONS (WxL): Tape rolls are 24 inches x 30 feet. Custom sizes

All Deck Coating System

The ALL DECK Coating System is a non-slip floor covering system for indoor or outdoor use on walkways, decks, and ramps; parks and recreation areas; stairways and elevators; pool decks and athletic courts; and more. The material is a specially formulated fiberglass-reinforced, fire-resistant, waterproof, textured substance that may be used on old and new concrete, new and weathered plywood, steel, exposed aggregate in concrete or epoxy matrix, asphalt bitumen, masonry, magnesite/diato, or previo

Anti-slip Strips

The Anti-slip Strips is designed for use by individuals with mobility or upper extremity disabilities. This strip of anti-slip silicon can be wrapped around objects, making them safer to hold. The anti-strip can be strip around a pan, cup handle, toothbrushes, pen and more for a better grip. Additionally, the strip ‘sticks’ to itself and is not adhesive so it can be removed whenever required.

Ceramic Floor Tiles

Ceramic Floor Tiles are non slip floor tiles designed to meet ADA standards to prevent slipping and falls from occurring. A variety of floor styles and textures are available, all having a coefficient of friction of at least 0.6 when wet. Naturetones are highly glazed floor tiles with textured semi-matte glaze and a cushioned edge. The Porcelain Pavers are unpolished larger style tiles with a square edge. Quarry Tile is the largest category offering tiles that have raised patterns and abrasive g

Gatorgrip Sheet

GatorGrip Sheets are removable non-slip surfaces designed for use by individuals with balance disabilities. Each sheet has a peel and stick adhesive backing and a soft, non-slip suface for walking or standing. The sheets are made of a polymer psuedo-rubber that is chemically resistant to mold and mildew. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 42 x 64 inches. COLOR: Beige and white, black and gray, red and black, blue and white, green and white, gray and white, or pink and white.

Global Tile (Model Pf2)

Global Tile, model PF2, also called Global Tread, is an anti slip synthetic rubber floor covering for interior or exterior use. Designed for permanent flooring, these heavy duty square-nosed tiles are applied to ramp or stairs with underlayment of wood, metal or concrete. DIMENSIONS: Tiles are 0.19 inches thick, tapering to 0.14 inches, 12.25 inches deep, and 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, or 72 inches long. COLOR: Beige, black, brown, or gray.

Handi-Tread Non Slip Pads

Handi-Tread Non Slip Pads are non slip floor covering designed for use to make floor surfaces safer for individuals with balance or walking disabilities. These non-slip pads are suitable for indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial applications. They can improve the safety of many slippery surfaces and can substitute for non slip tape and salt. The pad is made from a non-rusting, perforated button, aluminum material, and attaches to any surface using screws. Anchors may be necessary in the ca

Master Stop Anti-Slip Safety Tile

The Master Stop Anti-Slip Safety Tile is a non-slip floor covering designed to prevent falls by individuals with balance, mobility, or walking disabilities. The interlocking square tiles are conformable to almost any required layout and are available with or without grit applications. Each tile has tabs and slots for installation. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 12 x 12 inches. COLOR: Available in several colors.

Modular Tile

The Modular Tile is non-slip floor covering designed for use by individuals with balance disabilities. This slip-resistant cushioned tile has a modular design that provides protection against slips and falls caused by wet floors by raising foot traffic above the slippery surface at any length, width or shape. It is constructed of non-porous recycled PVC plastic. Because of its tensile strength, this tile is not affected by heat, cold, or sunlight. OPTIONS: Available is open grid or solid hatch

No. 1222 Trusty-Step Non-Slip Acrylic Coating

No. 1222 Trusty-Step Non-Slip Acrylic Coating is a clear water-based, acrylic floor treatment designed to make floor surfaces more slip-resistant. Suitable for individuals with balance disabilities or mobility disabilities, this paint-like substance contains crystal clear, polycarbonate aggregate particles that provide users with greater traction to help reduce the likelihood of falls. Spread No. 1222 evenly across the floor and wait two to three hours for it to dry before walking on it. The flo

People Treads

People Treads are self-adhesive, non-slip indoor floor mats designed for individuals with balance disabilities or mobility disabilities. Each mat is translucent and has non-slip, rubberized treads on the top to provide users with greater traction. Application requires peeling off the protective release paper from the bottom of People Treads and smoothing the mat flat across the floor’s surface.

Safety In The Bathroom

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRYPURPOSE: To make bathroom use safer for seniors and individuals with mobility, walking, or balance disabilities. This article, part of the chapter entitled "Bathroom & Washing Up," dicusses ways to provide greater bathroom safety, including using non-slip surfaces in the tub or shower and on the bathroom floor; installing grab bars; ensuring adequate lighting; and having ground-fault-interrupted (GFI) outlets in the bathroom. AUTHOR: Greenstein, D. TITLE: Bathroom Safety.

Safety Track

Safety Track is non-slip floor covering and anti-skid tape designed to reduce the risk of falls by individuals with balance or walking disabilities. The material provides traction on interior ramps, ladders and walkways. It adheres to clean, dry surfaces including wood, metal or concrete. The material is applied by peeling off its backing and pressing it onto the surface. The material comes in strips of various widths, which can be cut to the required length. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 60 feet x 4, 6, 1

Safety Tread (Model 16H158)

The Safety Tread, model 16H158, is a safety tread and non-slip floor covering designed for use by individuals with balance or mobility disabilities. Designed to reduce the risk of slip, trips and falls, this slip resistant tread strip is made of sandpaper-like material to provide safer footing around a house, cottage, car and outdoors. The strip can be cut and sized to be placed on slippery steps, stairs, wheelchair footrests, and poolside or in the bathroom. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 60 x 2 inches.

Safety Tred Ii Mat

The Safety Tred II Mat is a non-slip floor covering designed for use by individuals with balance, mobility, or walking disabilities. This surface material can be used on ramps or in hallways, entranceways, kitchens, and walkways. The mats form an interlocking system, with each mat having five lugs that effectively lock one to another. Made of recycled polyvinyl chloride or recycled rubber with UV protection (rubber content in black mats only), the mat is designed to be cut with a sharp saw or ji


SkidGuard is a non-slip floor and stair tread covering and detectable warning surface designed for use to make floors and stairways safer for pedestrians with low vision or balance, walking or lower extremity disabilities. This non skid, high visibility, abrasion resistant pedestrian surface includes glass bead, which heightens the visibility of the surface when light sources reflect off it. The angular cut glass also increases its skid resistance. The covering can be used on ramps, stair treads

Slip Tech Safety Floor Treatments

Slip Tech Safety Floor Treatments are non-slip floor coverings designed to make most stone and tile floor surfaces meet the coefficient of friction requirements imposed by the Americans with Disabilities Act, whether the surface is wet or dry. The treatments work on both level surfaces and on ramps and are applicable to ceramic tile, most stone surfaces, agglomerates, and concrete; they cannot be applied to wood, vinyl, or epoxy floors. Slip Tech increases the slip-resistance of the floor by a m

Tenura Anti Slip Bathroom Aid

The Tenura Anti Slip Bathroom Aids are bathtub safety treads and non-slip floor covering designed to provide traction in the bathtub or shower or on wet bathroom floors for people with balance or mobility disabilities. Designed to help reduce the risk of slipping and falling on wet surfaces, these non-slip discs or strips is made of self-adhesive material intended to provide a non-slip grip in bathrooms and changing rooms where floors and surfaces tend to be wet and slippery. This product is sol

Tenura Anti-Slip Rectangular Floor Mat

The Tenura Anti-Slip Rectangular Floor Mat is a non-slip floor covering designed to prevent falls by individuals with balance, mobility, or walking disabilities. When placed on smooth or slippery floors, these silicone mats are intended to stabilize the user’s feet while sitting or standing, transferring to or from a wheelchair, or getting in or out of bed. The mats are durable and fully washable. DIMENSIONS (WxD): 23.5 x 17.75 inches. COLORS: Red, blue, and yellow.

Tenura Extreme Grip Mats

The Tenura Extreme Grip Mat is a non-slip pad, matting, placemat, or floor covering designed for use by individuals with upper extremity and grasping disabilities. This mat is made with a translucent material that is sticky to the touch and grips objects immediately on contact providing a firm hold. It can be used as walker tray lining, and to hold loose objects firmly in place in vehicles, mobile homes and boats. The mat offer different levels of hold and is tacky to the touch. It is dishwasher

Tenura Non-Slip Material Rolls And Strips

The Non-Slip Material Rolls and Strips are a grasping aid, non-slip floor covering, and non-slip placemat material designed for use by individuals with neuromuscular, grasping or fine motor disabilities or spasticity. This non-slip material is designed to provide customized solutions for improving a person's ability to grasp an object, reducing the risk of slipping on a floor, and preventing plates, bowls and crockery from sliding on tables, counters and trays. The material for the strips is a f

Tuf-Tred & Skidguard

Tuf-Tred and SkidGuard are skid- and slip-resistant plywood flooring panels designed for use on wheelchair ramps (Tuf-Tred) or walking surfaces (SkidGuard). Tuf-Tred panels are exterior grade plywood with a textured overlay surface of polyester saturated glass fiber. SkidGuard panels are waffle weave embossed, High Density Overlaid plywood. DIMENSIONS (LxW): Tuf-Tred panels are 4 x 8 feet and 0.63, 0.75, 1, or 1.13 inches thick. SkidGuard panels are 4 x 8 or 10 feet and 0.38, 0.5, 0.63, 0.75, 1,

Ultimate Tread

Ultimate Tread is non-slip floor and stair covering designed for use by individuals with balance, mobility, or walking disabilities or low vision. This abrasive tread enhances the safety of stairs and walkways. Its reflective and glow-in-the-dark properties also increase safety in low light or no light situations. The long wearing, mineral abrasive tread can be used in indoor or outdoor applications. The tread's glow is rechargeable from any light source. DIMENSION (LxW): Available in 6 x 24 or

Ultrapoly Braxx

Ultrapoly Braxx is a non-skid detectable warning surface designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. Based on Non-Skid technology initially developed for the United States Navy, it can be used to protect against pedestrian slip hazards on areas such as ramps, stairs, boat decks, and platform edges. The surface comes in sheets with a wear and impact resistant baseplate of ultra high molecular polyethylene (UHMW-PE) covered with raised non-skid truncated domes comprised of sa

Wellness Mats

This wellness mat is designed for individuals who have difficulty standing for some period of time. These wellness mats support the body, cushion feet, and reduce muscle fatigue and because of its beveled or slanted edges it does not curl and prevents slipping. It resists bacteria, stains, abrasion, and heat up to 400 degrees. Non-slip bottom. Easy to clean. Made of latex free non-slip polyurethane.

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