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Toe Lifter

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Calf Based Toe Lifter (Model Bk6201)

The Calf Based Toe Lifter, model BK6201, is a toe lifter orthosis designed for individuals with foot drop. Designed to help prevent foot drop and to control inversion, this device features a cuff that attaches below the knee with an adjustable strap extending to the toe with another strap around the toe of the shoe. The cuff is held together with hook and loop closures that enable one-handed application. It is latex free.

Design For A Soft Orthosis.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Simple soft orthosis for patients with footdrop and minimal spasticity. The orthosis consists of three straps of 1 inch webbing with Velcro fasteners, to fit the calf just below the knee, just above the ankle and around the foot near the toes; and a long nylon lace which is fastened to the toe strap, pulled up on either side of the foot through a loop on the front of the ankle strap, adjusted to the proper tension, and anchored to the leg strap. Discus

Gel Bunion Toe Spreader

The Gel bunion toe spreader is designed for individuals who need bunion relief. This product eases pain, reduces joint pressure and properly aligns toes. Protects the big toe from friction. Gel slowly releases medical grade mineral oil to protect skin. Fits the big toe on your right or left foot. Hand wash. Air dry completely before next use. Sprinkle with talcum powder if gel becomes tacky.

Orthocare Dorsiflexion Assist D.f.a. (Models 1046 To 1056)

The Orthocare Dorsiflexion Assist D.F.A. is a toe lifter orthosis designed to preventing foot drop and to control inversion and eversion of foot. Manufacturer suggests that when used with the Posterior Static Knee Immobilizer (see separate entry), this device may provide early client ambulation for evaluation. The device consists of a wide padded ankle strap with adjustable buckle closure attached to a toe strap by 2 adjustable buckle straps. Both the ankle strap and the toe strap are available

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