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Electric Mattress Pad

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Therion Magnetic Travel Mattress Pad

The Therion Magnetic Travel Mattress Pad is designed individuals with disabilities that may cause poor circulation and for persons with heightened anxiety as it is meant to improve blood circulation and oxygenation, and minimize stress for the user. 242 deep penetrating all natural magnets provide therapeutic benefit to the user. Portable. Anisotropic Ceramic magnet. 5 inch magnet penetration depth. Travel Pad is NOT washable but it can be spot cleaned with mild soap and damp cloth. Magnetic the

Therion X-Power Magnetic Therapy Pad

The Therion Magnetic Therapy Pad is a product designed for individuals with pain and inflammation as it soothes larger areas of the body. The pad can be placed under a pillow or a blanket to reduce swelling and relieve pain in large areas of the  body that are injured. It serves as a great way to speed up recovery from recent injury or surgery.

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