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Turn Signal and Light Controls

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Dadc Turn Signal Adapter

The DADC Turn Signal Adapter is a right or left hand directional signal extension lever designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities, especially those with limited or no use of the left hand or arm. Designed to allow drivers to operate the turn signals with the right hand instead of the left, this device attaches to the turn signal lever and crosses to the right side of the steering column. It can also be mounted on the left side as an extension of the turn signal lever. The

Drive Master D2 Dimmer Switch & D7 Special Dimmer Switch

Dimmer switches allow hand operation of headlight dimmer. D2 ($42) dimmer switch mounts on hand control with bracket; D7 ($45) mounts on directional signal handle. Dimmer raises or lowers headlight beam on touch of button.

Drive Master D21 Electronic Directional Signal

Electronic directional signal allows drive weak arms to use directional signal at touch of switch. Device converts directional signal from manual to electric and requires less effort for operation. Price includes installation in American cars or vans.

Drive Master D3 Horn Button

Horn button mounts on hand control handle and allows driver to operate horn without removing hand from control. Button switch.

Drive Master Directional Signal Extension (Model D15)

Directional signal extension lever allows left hand operation of directional signal. Aluminum extension bolts onto vehicle directional signal to allow operation of signal device with left hand.

Drive Master Electronic Directional Signal (Model V29)

Solid state plug in unit affords easy operation of directional signals. Push button operation. Buttons can be located to accommodate drivers limitations. Available for all cars, vans and trucks.

Extension Control Right Hand Turn Signal Lever Extension (Model 3543)

The Extension Control Right Hand Turn Signal Lever Extension, model 3543, is a directional signal attachment designed to allow drivers to operate the turn signals with the right hand instead of the left. This lightweight crossover lever allows the user to operate the turn signal with ease. The device attaches to the turn signal lever and crosses to the right side of the steering column. It is installed using bands rather than screws, leaving the vehicle’s interior in its original condition.

Extension Handles For Control Knobs.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Designed for persons with limited mobility and reach, adaptors and extension handles can be used to control electrical equipment and key switches. Long extension handles can be made from sections of steel tubing with two notches cut out on one end and a crosspiece welded to the other to form a 't" handle. Short pieces of rubber heater hose are clamped onto the control knobs of electrical equipment, such as a car radio or air conditioner. To operate the

Right Hand Crossover Signal Controls

The Right Hand Crossover Signal Control is designed for drivers who have lost either their arm, or the use of it. The signal control allows a person to use a single knob to move the steering wheel and access both control signals on one side of their car. The design is unique compared to traditional crossover, in that the clamping design will not come loose on tapered shaft signal arms, will not cause damage to the arm, and can be moved efficiently from one vehicle to another. Additionally, the c

Turn Signal Adapter (Model 106)

The Turn Signal Adapter, model 106, is a right hand directional signal extension lever that allows the driver to operate the directional signal with the right hand. The device clamps to the base of the factory installed directional signal lever. Manufacturer recommends mounting the adapter to metal or polymers as some thin plastics may crack. The adapter will not interfere with normal operation. The Turn Signal Adapter will accommodate a turn signal base thickness of up to 0.75 inch in diameter.

Turn-Alarm (Models 252, 262, U-1, & U-2)

The Turn-Alarm is a turn signal alert device designed for use by individuals with hearing disabilities. Models 252 and 262 are designed to replace the existing turn signal flashers and are recommended for use in motor homes, vehicles towing trailers and fifth wheels, and vehicles with replacable turn signal flashers. With the device installed, an audible beep is heard as long as the turn signal is on. The unit beeps in the same intervals that the flashers flash. Model 262 has a larger heavy-duty

Two-Pole Dimmer Switch (Model 3550) And Single Pole Dimmer Switch (Model 3551)

The Two-Pole Dimmer Switch, model 3550, and Single Pole Dimmer Switch, model 3551, are remote headlight dimmer controls. A toggle switch mounts to the dash board for hand operation. The unit is made of a lightweight brushed aluminum alloy. The two-pole switch allows normal use of the factory-installed dimmer switch; the single pole switch deactivates the floor dimmer system and transfers it to dashboard. WARRANTY: Contact manufacturer for details.


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