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Activity Board

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Activity Apron

The Activity Apron is a sensory integration activity designed to provide visual and tactile stimulation for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or related dementias or cognitive disabilities. This product offers a a variety of activities intended to calm the user and hold their interest, including threading a shoe lace, buttoning a series of buttons, and stroking a soft, furry pocket. The Activity Apron is also designed to improve fine motor skills. Other features include a Velcro key chain loo

Activity Apron (Model W49581)

The Activity Apron, model W49581, is a sensory integration activity designed for use by individuals with Alzheimer's disease or related dementias or cognitive disabilities. This activity apron features seven different activity areas that include: a large zipper, terrycloth flap, edge flap with Velcro fasteners, a buckle, a bow to tie and untie, a button pocket, and a soft flannel area. Useful for both men and women, the apron can provide soothing through familiar motions and stimulate memories o

Birds Friends Hand Strengthening Play Dough Mat

Birds Friends Hand Strengthening Play Dough Mat is a free printable designed for use by children with fine motor and grasping disabilities to improve fine motor skills with a bird theme. Adding a motor component to a leaning theme can be a strategy to help children learn through play while boosting the fine motor skills they need for tasks like holding a pencil grasp, having endurance while coloring and writing. This activity improves dexterity in pencil control, which plays a big part in fluid

Busy Box

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Board on which objects are fastened to give a child experience in manipulating everyday items. Pictures a board with play or practice items on it, including a sliding door, telephone dial, hinged door fastened with a hook lock, material with buttons, buttonholes and snaps, a matchbox with small items in it, a threading block with string and a large needle, a large bolt mounted horizontally with screwing nuts, and thread spools that can be put on and ta

Buzz Board

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Board with a battery operated buzz and light unit (operated by the parent) used to reward a child for performing certain relational play skills such as hammering, placing pegs, putting objects into containers and building towers on the board. Includes instructions for making a buzz board and pieces to go with it. The board is made with a one foot square of white veneered chipboard shelving with pieces of wood fastened to two edges to keep the board abo

Discovery Apron

The Discovery Apron is an activity board designed for use by individuals with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and cognitive disabilities. Designed specifically for individuals with chronic restlessness or the need to disrobe, this apron offers familiar, soothing activities and soft-to-the-touch materials. The apron has pockets to open, zippers to unzip, and bucles to open and close.

Diy Child Sensory Board

---- DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To create a do-it-yourself sensory board for a child with severe disabilities. This simple DIY project is designed to fit into a child’s lap or on a wheelchair tray so that at any time the child is touching a different texture. A piece of foam board was used as the base and can be cut to whatever size desired. Different textured items were then glued onto to the foam board. Any textured items or sensory toys can be attached. For this project they chos

Infant Maze

The Infant Maze is a freestanding playground equipment with activity boards designed to help infants from 6 to 18 months discover learning at their own level. The compact system includes interactive activity panels with aluminum handles to encourage mobility, stimulate the senses, and develop physical skills. A ground-level crawl tunnel lets infants explore new shapes and spaces, while a square poly roof covers the interior space to create a playhouse effect. The activity panels are cut from 3/4

Laptop Activity Center

The Laptop Activity Center is an easel and activity board designed to enable children with a variety of disabilities to engage in play activities while in bed or from a wheelchair or while on the floor in a floor sitter or corner chair. The unit features an easel-style frame with four interchangeable play options: a bead and wire maze; a magnetic board with magnetic letters, a clipboard; and a grid with snap-on building blocks. The birch frame has slots to enable the play surfaces to be easily c

Reach Panels (Models 135729, 135730, & 135731)

Reach Panels are wheelchair accessible activity boards designed for use on playgrounds by children ages two to twelve years who use wheelchairs. Available in three different models, these Permalene panels are friendly to the touch, height adjustable when installed at ground level, and equipped with special clamps for ease in installation. These panels may also be installed on wheelchair accessible decks (an optional curb is required). Model 135729 features a periscope and the panel moves side to

Recessed Pan Tray.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Wheelchair tray with a removable recessed pan which can be filled with a variety of tactile stimulation materials. Describes wheelchair lap tray made of plywood 18 by 21 inches (to fit a child's wheelchair) cut to fit against the front of the child, with arms to the back of the chair which are drilled so rope can be tied through them to hold the tray on the chair. The tray has a 9 inch square hole cut into it; a 9 inch cake pan is placed in the hole. S

Sammons Preston Activity Board (Models 4067 & 4066)

Sammons Preston Activity Board is a sensory integration activity designed for use by individuals with Alzheimer's disease or related dementias or cognitive disabilities. This Portable adjustable wooden paper holder adjusts from 15 to 75 degrees and folds for storage. Adjustable wooden bars hold paper or other material up to 3/8 inch thick. Nonslip rubber cushion base. Deluxe model 4066 has telescoping leg that adjusts to any angle. DIMENSIONS: 18 x 27 inch frame. WEIGHT: 7.5 pounds.

Sensory Dome

The Sensory Dome is designed to provide visual and tactile stimulation. Bright pom-pom balls dance around inside while music plays and the dome vibrates.


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