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Weighted Sports ball Set

The Weighted Sports ball Set is an innovative weighted sports balls set that designed for children with autism, sensory integration disorders and many other neurological challenges to provide deep touch pressure and a calming effect and to develop tossing skills, exercise muscles, and improve balance and coordination. Using weight to offer proprioceptive feedback is effective.

Adjustable Basketball Outfit

Adjustable basketball backstop. Galvanized steel pipe support post and extrusion arms. Fan shaped high density polyethelene backboard with twin rim goal and nylon net is clamped onto support posts. Backstop can be moved up or down to accomodate any size player.

Burke Basketball Backstops

Variety of basketball backstops. Wood, steel or aluminum backstops. Galvanized pipe support posts. Backstop in regular or offset styles. 2 to 6 feet in front of support posts.

Fleece Bell Ball

The Fleece Bell Ball is a weighted ball set that is designed for children with autism, sensory integration disorders, and many other neurological challenges. The device is brightly colored and has a soft touch that provides a multitude of sensory and tactile experiences. Easy to grip, squeeze, toss, and catch. It can be used as a tool for large motor development. The bell provides added sensory stimulation and auditory tracking and is safely housed inside a segment of the ball.

Floor Basketball Game

The Floor Basketball Game is designed for use by children who use wheelchairs or who play from a seated position. This game includes a vinyl sport ball and a basketball hoop with a net. The hoop and the attached tripod are made of heavy wall PVC pipe. DIMENSIONS: The hoop is 14.5 inches high and the ball is 9 inches in diameter.

Invacare Top End Schulte 7000 Series Basketball Wheelchair

Pop-A-Shot Sit Down/wheelchair Or Handicapped Standup Electronic Basketball Game

The Pop-A-Shot Sit Down/Wheelchair or Handicapped Standup Electronic Basketball Game is a basketball game designed for use by individuals with upper extremity, mobility, lower extremity, or cognitive disabilities or spinal cord injury. Intended to improve hand-eye coordination, increase arm strength and stamina, and improve grip, this game consists of a basketball goal mounted at the end of a net enclosure with a net "dome" just above the basket. The frame is designed with leg room under for sea

Ringing Athletic Balls (Models T6201, T6240, & T6206)

The Ringing Athletic Balls are audible balls designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. These balls are the the same size, style, and construction as standard athletic balls, but have a jingle bell inside that rings when the ball is in motion. Model T6201 is a basketball, model T6240 is a volleyball, and model T6206 is a soccer ball.

Ringing Basketball (Model 6201E)

The Ringing Basketball, model 6201E, is an audible basketball designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This rubber basketball has a jingle bell inside that rings when the ball is in motion. Size and construction are the same as for a standard basketball.

Target Goals (Models T2138, T2144, T2152, &t2165)

The Target Goals are basketball games designed for use by children with neurological or upper extremity disabilities. The tubular steel goals include netting, are free-standing and self-supporting, and have reduced openings. These Goals may be used indoors or outdoors with beanbags, foam balls, tennis balls, or mini-basketballs (not included). OPTIONS: Backboard. DIMENSIONS: Model T2138 is 2 feet high, model T2144 is 3 feet high, and model T2165 is 4 feet high. Model T2165 is a set of one of eac

Theraplay Successball (Model 382-663)

TheraPlay Successball is a basketball backstop for players in wheelchairs. The rim is height adjustable, and is mounted on a galvanized steel frame with a nylon rebound net and a bottom rollback net. It is ideal for training for for higher skill levels. DIMENSIONS: The rim is 30 inches in diameter. Height adjusts from five to eight feet. The rebound net is eight feet wide. WEIGHT: 100 pounds.

Theraplay Successball Jr. (Model 382-664)

Successball Jr. is a basketball net for players in wheelchairs. It has a large square rim and a lower height than normal to ensure successful "basketball" play for beginners or individuals with severe disabilities. It stands on 4 legs. DIMENSIONS: Rim is four feet square. height is five feet. WEIGHT: 44 pounds.


Toss 'N Score is a basketball game backstop consisting of a large "basket" with four sides mounted on a pole. The basket unit has an open top that is larger than the closed bottom to funnel the ball down to one of four circular openings with a curved lip that returns the ball to the playing court. Each of the circular openings is numbered, one to four. COLORS: Yellow basket with black numbers; metal pole. DIMENSIONS: Basket is 3 feet square; overall height is 8 feet. WEIGHT: 55 pounds.

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