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Child Care

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  • Adult/Child Mentoring Programs (13)

    Adult/Child Mentoring Programs


    Programs like Big Brothers or Big Sisters which provide male or female adult companionship, guidance and/or role models for young men or women who are from families in which adult figures of the same sex are absent or available on a limited and inadequate basis or who are troubled and at risk for delinquency. Also included are programs in which people in their teens provide companionship for younger children.
  • Foster Homes for Children With Disabilities (3)

    Foster Homes for Children With Disabilities


    Agency-supervised private family homes that provide alternative family living arrangements for children with developmental disabilities, sensory impairments, physical disabilities or multiple disabilities who are unable to live with their birth parents. The arrangement provides an opportunity for the child with a disability to live with a family in a residential setting.
  • Therapeutic Camps (8)

    Therapeutic Camps


    Residential or day camp facilities that are appropriately staffed and equipped to provide an opportunity for children or adults who have developmental disabilities, emotional disturbances or health impairments, or who have other limitations or problems which require special facilities or programming, to enjoy a cooperative indoor and/or outdoor living experience.

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