Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT) information provided by: County of San Diego Mental Health Services

Provides emergency assessment and referral for individuals with mental illness who come to the attention of law enforcement through phone calls from community members or in-field law enforcement request for emergency assistance. PERT pairs licensed mental health clinicians with uniformed law enforcement officers/deputies.

Clinicians work out of individual law enforcement divisions and respond in the field with their law enforcement partners. The PERT team evaluates the situation, assesses the individual's mental health condition and needs, and, if appropriate, transports individual to a hospital or other treatment center, or refers them to a community-based resource or treatment facility.

Sunday;Monday;Tuesday;Wednesday;Thursday;Friday;Saturday Call 911 or Police Dept, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Record last updated: 1/19/2018
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    9-1-1 or Local Law Enforcement Agency

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User Reviews

Kelly white
9/7/2017 12:13:35 PM

Pert team need hired interpter for me to understand what pert doing .
10/6/2017 1:21:28 PM

I called the Sheriff's Department requesting a PERT team to come out and access my daughter-in-law, who has been refusing treatment and her mental health has been spiraling downward. Despite our best efforts to get her help, everyone we talked to said if all else fails, call 911 and request a PERT team. The end result is that my daughter-in-law has been charged with Felony Domestic Violence, Child Endangerment and Obstruction of an Individual to call 911. None of which is warranted...we asked for PERT and did not get it. Now we are trying to advocate for PERT before her arraignment. This is not how the process should have evolved. PERT serves a very real purpose, but be prepared to follow up and advocate, advocate til you actually get some help for your loved one. How can someone be arrested for Felony Child Endangerment and not be considered a danger to others? That is the criteria for a PERT evaluation that could have taken her to a mental health facility and not jail.Now she is in t
Ms Beltran
11/26/2016 2:48:47 PM

Our family was experiencing an emergency and we could not get this team to assist because there was no one on duty. But Pert claims 7 days a week.
Withheld by Request
9/1/2017 7:11:44 AM

My interaction with a Sheriffs' PERT Team didn't go well on 21 Aug 2017. They made no attempt to de-escalate the situation and simply hauled me off on a Code 5150 72 hour Involuntary Hold. Refused my request to contact Legal Counsel. I ended up being held for two days before they realized I shouldn't have been detained against my will. I was never interviewed by the PERT LMFT who is supposed to be trained to evaluate the Mental Health individual. Was never read any of the required forms, and was not given the Patient Rights as required by law.

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