CA AB 2636

Title: Mello-Granlund Older Californians Act.
Author: Jasmeet Bains

AB 2636, as amended, Bains. Mello-Granlund Older Californians Act. Existing law requires the California Department of Aging to administer the Mello-Granlund Older Californians Act (act), which establishes various programs that serve older individuals, defined as persons 60 years of age or older, except as specified. The act requires the department to designate various private nonprofit or public agencies as area agencies on aging to work within a planning and service area and provide a broad array of social and nutritional services. Under the act, the department’s mission is to provide leadership to those agencies in developing systems of home- and community-based services that maintain individuals in their own homes or least restrictive homelike environments.This bill would recast and revise various provisions of the act, including updating findings and declarations relating to statistics and issues of concern to the older adult population, and replacing references throughout the act from “senior” and similar terminology to “older adult.” The bill would repeal obsolete provisions, such as the Senior Center Bond Act of 1984.Existing law establishes the Senior Housing Information and Support Center within the department to serve as a clearinghouse for information for seniors and their families regarding available innovative resources and senior services, subject to appropriation for these purposes.This bill would repeal the provisions establishing the Senior Housing Information and Support Center.

Referred to Com. on HUMAN S.

Bill Documents
CA AB 2636 - 05/16/24 - Amended Assembly
05/16/24 - CA AB 2636 (05/16/24 - Amended Assembly)

CA AB 2636 - 03/21/24 - Amended Assembly
03/21/24 - CA AB 2636 (03/21/24 - Amended Assembly)

CA AB 2636 - 02/14/24 - Introduced
02/14/24 - CA AB 2636 (02/14/24 - Introduced)

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