CA AB 3291

Title: Developmental services.
Author: House Human Services Committee

AB 3291, as amended, Committee on Human Services. Developmental services. (1) Existing law, the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act (act), requires the State Department of Developmental Services to contract with regional centers to provide services and supports to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Under existing law, the regional centers purchase needed services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities through approved service providers, or arrange for their provision through other publicly funded agencies. The services and supports to be provided to a regional center consumer are contained in an individual program plan (IPP), which is developed by the planning team according to specified procedures. Existing law requires the planning process for the IPP to include various components and guidelines, such as a statement of goals, based on the needs, preferences, and life choices of the individual with developmental disabilities, a review of the general health status of the individual, and a transportation access plan, as specified.This bill additionally would require the IPP planning process to include, when a regional center consumer is being cared for in the family home, and no later than the consumer’s 22nd birthday, a discussion regarding caregiver succession and, under specified circumstances, development of a caregiver succession plan, as specified. The bill would define “caregiver succession” as the transition between one caregiver and the caregiver that assumes responsibility to care for a regional center consumer.(2) Existing law requires the department and regional centers to provide specified supported living services for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Existing law lists the range of supported living services and supports to include, among other things, recruiting, training, and hiring individuals to provide personal care and other assistance. Existing law also authorizes regional centers to make rent, mortgage, or lease payments under specified circumstances, including when the regional center executive director verifies in writing that making the rent, mortgage, or lease payments or paying for household expenses is required to meet the specific care needs unique to the individual consumer, as specified, and is required when a consumer’s demonstrated medical, behavioral, or psychiatric condition presents a health and safety risk to the consumer or another.This bill would additionally authorize a regional center to make rent, mortgage, or lease payments or pay for household expenses when the executive director certifies in writing that the consumer’s demonstrated risk of homelessness presents a health and safety risk to the consumer or another.

Referred to Com. on HUMAN S.

Bill Documents
CA AB 3291 - 04/16/24 - Amended Assembly
04/16/24 - CA AB 3291 (04/16/24 - Amended Assembly)

CA AB 3291 - 03/21/24 - Introduced
03/21/24 - CA AB 3291 (03/21/24 - Introduced)