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Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT)

Information provided by: County of San Diego Mental Health Services

Provides emergency assessment and referral for individuals in behavioral health crisis who come to the attention of law enforcement through phone calls from community members or in-field law enforcement request for emergency assistance. Pairs licensed mental health clinicians with uniformed law enforcement officers/deputies. Clinicians are also partnered with law enforcement homeless outreach teams to provide proactive preventative connection to services.


  • HoursDaily 6am-12am (midnight)
  • Area(s) Served:San Diego County
  • Specific Populations Served:Open to all
  • Fees:No fees
  • Application Process:Call for more information
  • Documents Required:Please call for more information.
  • Eligibility Requirements:Not limited for those experiencing a mental health emergency. No Documents Required. Law enforcement will dispatch to an available PERT unit(760) 931-2100 Carlsbad Police Department(619) 691-5151 Chula Vista Police Department (619) 522-7350 Coronado Police Department(619) 579-3311 El Cajon Police Department (760) 839-4722 Escondido Police Department (619) 686-6272 Harbor Police Department (619) 667-1400 La Mesa Police Department (619) 336-4411 National City Police Department (760) 435-4900 Oceanside Police Department (619) 531-2000 San Diego Police Department(858) 565-5200 County San Diego Sheriff Department
  • Acronym:PERT
  • Payment/Insurance Accepted:N/A
  • ADA Access:Please contact facility for accessibility information.
  • Transportation:Not Applicable


  • Translation services available.

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User Reviews

9/27/2018 2:01:52 AM

Five PERT police officers were at our home five minutes after we made the call. Our adult son was in the midst of a psychotic episode, off his meds, paranoid, delusional and threatening to kill us. They spent a good half hour talking to him calmly, and he left with them. He was stabilized at the psychiatric hospital, spent two weeks at a crisis center, and for the first time, has allowed us to be a part of his medical plan. We owe it to the San Diego PERT team for literally saving his life and our relationship. Thank you. It’s been two months, our son is now on a monthly long acting injection for his serious mental illness, and is doing well.
10/24/2018 5:06:09 PM

Responsive, caring and helpful. We appreciate the professionalism and advice.
11/19/2019 7:32:11 AM

They were very helpful when my mentally ill child needed help during a manic phase. They de-escilated the situation and took him for help. The PERT officer interviewed me and then interviewed my child separately to get a complete picture of his condition. Their response was quick and professional. I am so thankful they are here to help!
My sincere gratitude
2/5/2021 12:44:10 PM

My son came home to us on January 3, 2021 due to involuntary separation from an LDS church mission out of state triggered by psychiatric problems. Last week he had a manic psychotic episode which culminated with him calling 911 four times before he was ultimately taken to Sharp Memorial hospital and admitted to the ER psych ward. In an era of national attention to problems with policing, the PERT team who responded to my son's 911 calls were a model of calm and professionality under challenging circumstances. Although my son's final 911 call of the day, at 10pm, was after the PERT team was no longer available, the officers who responded were also extremely gentle and professional in how they handled the process of taking my son into custody and transporting him to Sharp Memorial. I'm so grateful to live in an area where an enlightened policing approach to mental health issues is in operation. Thanks to an appropriate police response to my son's mental health crisis, we were able t
5/3/2018 8:27:09 PM

Literally saved my life. Basil. ????
8/1/2022 9:39:37 AM

The teem that came to my house was very capable and spot on. Did what was needed with no fuss, no drama. VERY capable.
1/28/2023 9:46:41 AM

they need a social media page or a Instagram/twitter account
7/5/2023 3:53:10 PM

messed up life due to drugs and being a hypocrite watching porn that someone happened to program look alikes of me and girl who i lied to multiple times so i got play for a fool and she was even the pert at the door i learned my valuable lesson meaning my whole past is the the past . started going to church doing well not doing anything bad yet sharp mesa vista food service manger insane against me gets away with horrible text messages and i dont recieve justice for him being the problem child there now im in colorado im comming back a clean and sober non hypocrite to say im sorry
7/24/2023 9:39:24 AM

The PERT team responded quickly when our adult son was desperately needing help. The social worker and police officer were kind and incredibly helpful. Our son was treated with respect and got the help he needed. They saved his life. THANK YOU, PERT!!!!
Janet F.
11/19/2023 10:50:47 PM

This Oct 18, 2023 a policeman came to do a welfare check on me after being called by my therapist. He explained that a PERT team would be coming to talk with me. They were there shortly and I explained that I was depressed and at the end of my rope due to severe, prolonged stress. They were all calm and professional, and kept the encounter low key. The counselor recommended that I be a 5150 and taken to the hospital on an involuntary 72-hour hold. I agreed to go willingly with the EMT’s in an ambulance to Psych ER. It couldn’t have been handled better. Thank you SDPD and PERT!
Santee resident
5/31/2019 11:38:50 AM

the whole idea of the team id to evaluate a situation. dis arm it. for example if a widow is so lost and feels like ending it all. This person is not a threat to anyone but themselves. Why handcuffs and the humiliation and the rubber room and strip search. complete humiliation is not the way to assist ANYONE. No mental illness, had a complete full history, opened door... no resistance. Why??? total humiliation?????????
Kelly white
9/7/2017 12:13:35 PM

Pert team need hired interpter for me to understand what pert doing .
10/6/2017 1:21:28 PM

I called the Sheriff's Department requesting a PERT team to come out and access my daughter-in-law, who has been refusing treatment and her mental health has been spiraling downward. Despite our best efforts to get her help, everyone we talked to said if all else fails, call 911 and request a PERT team. The end result is that my daughter-in-law has been charged with Felony Domestic Violence, Child Endangerment and Obstruction of an Individual to call 911. None of which is warranted...we asked for PERT and did not get it. Now we are trying to advocate for PERT before her arraignment. This is not how the process should have evolved. PERT serves a very real purpose, but be prepared to follow up and advocate, advocate til you actually get some help for your loved one. How can someone be arrested for Felony Child Endangerment and not be considered a danger to others? That is the criteria for a PERT evaluation that could have taken her to a mental health facility and not jail.Now she is in t
Ms Beltran
11/26/2016 2:48:47 PM

Our family was experiencing an emergency and we could not get this team to assist because there was no one on duty. But Pert claims 7 days a week.
Withheld by Request
9/1/2017 7:11:44 AM

My interaction with a Sheriffs' PERT Team didn't go well on 21 Aug 2017. They made no attempt to de-escalate the situation and simply hauled me off on a Code 5150 72 hour Involuntary Hold. Refused my request to contact Legal Counsel. I ended up being held for two days before they realized I shouldn't have been detained against my will. I was never interviewed by the PERT LMFT who is supposed to be trained to evaluate the Mental Health individual. Was never read any of the required forms, and was not given the Patient Rights as required by law.

10/13/2019 6:22:28 PM

6/15/2021 8:02:30 PM

The Pert team was called by San Diego police. The pert people have a basic knowledge in mental illness but none in special needs. The lady was rude and kept talking over me and kept talking to people for me. The pert lady decided my son needed to be on a 51/50 because she in cahoots with the sheriffs team. My son has autism and the sheriffs office and pert team had no knowledge about autism like behaviors or autism meltdowns. So there we were sitting with pert and San Diego police jsut to get Ezra a room and so the hospital could lift the home and release my son right back to his home which is what he needed. Very unskilled and trained staff

6/16/2021 5:37:50 AM

within a two-week span I called 911 to request a psychiatric response team with no officer responding to the location my sister was having a psychiatric emergency she called herself twice within that two weeks band I've called maybe twice three times a day and my sister she beat herself she had black eyes she carved skin out of her hand I call it when they finally showed up about two weeks later maybe 10 days to be more precise they saw that she had black eyes they were hearing her speak about her intense delusions still nobody took my sister to the hospital about 3 days later the purse I can't response team came to interview my sister nothing a couple of days later my sister had told me that she took too many of her pills I called the ambulance then fire department and ambulance showed up still no one to put his sister to the hospital now my sister is missing she was very suicidal before she left and still nobody's helping me police officers and zip code 92173 wherever no help whatsoe
They believe everything accusers says
11/20/2021 3:19:35 AM

I was attacked by my two parents who are 60’s so I just Let them hit me cause they could hurt me. However then they call the police and pert both of them lie straight up and got me admitted as a 51/50 I was clear in mood And mind. Die to the stigmatized nature of mental disorders or bi polar amd others are doing unfortunately they who attacked me were being Ed in their lies cause the police and the pets are dumbasses amd Believe the so called sane one well In my house my mom is the mentally ill one and they just believed every lie never asked me anything I spent 3 bs days in a hospital for accusers are always believed without professional evaluation. Of the claims of the accusers. Shame on you
Heartbroken mom
4/8/2022 8:27:34 PM

In Ramona if you call for pert you get the Ramona Sheriff deputy’s that are not trained in mental illness (or anything else) in the end you may be a felon. I will never call again or they just might end up shooting my son or myself. Very rude and unprofessional conduct. We are all humans but they seem to think they are superior beings. Never again.......
1/29/2020 11:35:00 AM

I am so dissapointed with this team.. I work for a primary care clinic and last night we had a patient stating that he wantes to shoot himself.. luckily he didnt had any weapons on him, We waited for 4 hours the clinic was already closed and we stayed extra wich I didnt mind I was worried for the patient and we kept calling 911 saying that PERT didnt have anybody to attend the case and police didnt have anybody to go and help him, the operator even said she was going to make an exception because we kept calling and it was a suicidal matter ( but in a annoyed type of voice) but nobody came. I can't beleive nobody cared! this person wanted to take his life, I dont know what he's been going through we he kept saying that he needed help and that he wantes to end everything... I am so dissapointed , heart broken that there was no answer for this call and everybody stating that there were more urgent matters than a suicidal person.
2/25/2020 3:42:40 PM

HORRIBLE experience with San Diego PD PERT and the officers who responded to our request for assistance with one of our adult children who was struggling and in crisis. The PERT clinician was rude and condescending and blatantly lied in her report. Our child was seen in the ER and every doctor that examined him stated he did not need to be placed on a hold and that there was no indication whatsoever of what the PERT clinician had written in her report. Our child needed help, not stripped naked and held against their will for 8 hours. We have always been pro law enforcement and mental health but we will never call again. SDPD has a long history of rude, unprofessional, and unethical behavior towards citizens. Our next steps will be to file a complaint through an attorney. Our child’s civil rights were definitely violated.
8/20/2020 10:33:56 PM

The system is flawed and there is not much help for individuals with mental illness who need treatment. The PERTeam handed my son a list of resources and told to find help... after he clearly demonstrated his psychotic state of mind... frustrating since the only help available is that which he asks for. His illness causes him to be unable to recognize his delusional thoughts and therefore refuses help. They should schedule follow up with an advocate for him as an adult with disability.
Mr. St onge
12/30/2023 3:50:51 PM

the pert team has came out to my house on multiple occasions and they really know how to make a situation escalate. My daughter has many mental problems and refuses to get medicated or even try coping mechanisms and they just immediately said there’s nothing they can do for her even though she threatens her life and my family and I’s. They need more training.
1/21/2024 1:58:16 AM

These people have no compassion. Just another day at work. Felt like a criminal. Luckily, they didn't take me to the hospital for added trauma.
2/10/2024 3:38:05 PM

I can't count how many times we have called PERT to help us when our brother has been in crisis. They are worthless! After explaining how my brother wanted to blow up the house and had been setting small fires around the house, we were told that they could not take him in because he was eating and he is able to take care of himself! I am all for people's rights but my family is trying to save his life and possible others and we just get told they can't do anything! I am so sick and tired of calling them out and nothing is done. My brother has paranoia and psychosis and is an addict. I don't know how these people sleep at night.
10/22/2022 12:35:38 AM

PERT has absolutely no idea how to effectively communicate with a child. NEVER let PERT anywhere near your child, they will put your child through hell.
9/13/2018 6:07:24 PM

This is definitely a good tool if used properly by SDCS to assess a true psychiatric issue in the community. There are definitely those in the community who need an assist here. That said, it may also be abused if there is no oversight by the police. It is a weapon they can use to brand someones record with a 5150 to basically render them unemployable. If you insult an officer, you may find your self in this situation.

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